Electrical work, PoE lines, Solar, & GFI

Electrical work, PoE lines, Solar, & GFI

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There is always a better way to add power to your devices then using a conventional power outlet. Power over ethernet (PoE) is a better way to power your lights, speakers, cameras, fixtures and much more because no conduits are required for ethernet cables. The POE system works by:

Initial Power is fed directly to a (a) POE switch. The power is converted and is  split up to low voltage.

Then Power is sent from the PoE switch to (b) nodes that splits each zone into 4 ethernet connections. Each (c) ethernet line can directly connect to PoE receptacle device or fixture.

Since these unit use sustainable design, they use less energy than a conventional building. For this reason, we do not need a full roof of solar panels and battery packs.  To do a quick solar/battery power needs for their uses go to https://gpelectric.com/calculator/ Please note each calculation should be divided for each section of the unit which is 56’x13.5’.

All high voltage ventilation fans and floor/knee mounted power receptables are required GFI connections.

Please see spec below for electrical work:

  • POE power supply switch by NETGEAR PLUS for additional controls
  • MultiPlus-II GX Invertor/Charger by Victron Energy
  • Tank monitoring system by LCI – Intelli-View Tank Monitor Components

Please download the drawings and specs here

PoE power plan
Solar Panels and Batterries layout
GFI outlets

Please download the drawings and specs here

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