Deploying Angel Landings

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Deploy Angel Landings for sporting events, temporary housing after a natural disaster, hospitality and much more. It is high-end manufactured housing that can be leased easily. Shipping and delivery are fast using tractor-trailer. Energy and waste are self-managed.

Fast Delivery

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built on top of a Flatbed-Structure system, can be easily delivered by a tractor-trailer. The structural grid system is incorporated into the flatbed-structure frame.


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Create your own sequence:
- Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2nd Bedroom, & Master Bedroom. - Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom.
- Temporary Office space. - Cabin to non-sequential spaces.

2 Containers & elastic block storage

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each 13.5-foot wide x 60-foot long, 2nd-floor is 1620 SF with the porch. Hang elastic block storage of the structural floor grid as needed for additional power, waste management, water supply and more.

Contact Us

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Please feel free to contact us.
Tel: 212-653-3689

Jag Singh, Founder & CEO of Angel Landings has 15 years of architecture and technology experience. Currently, lives in New York City.

Please contact us at or 212-673-3689 in New York City.