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About Us

Building that breaths with Nature, this is were it all started. Floating foundation makes it easy to construct the building anywhere around nature. This means ground and roots of trees surrounding the unit can be left undisturbed when installing the kit.  Building with Nature allows one to use natural ground to condition air to cool the unit, and vent hot air out from the operatable skylights. Heating can also work with both ground heat and solar heat.

Building with construction kit saves time, energy, reduces waste and it is sustainable for the environment for the long run.

Founder Jag Singh

I have over 15 years in design-build and open-source technology experience. I started my career in architecture, then moved to technology (cloud computing in 2008), then back to construction management in 2011. With this experience I developed Angel Landings, opensource building construction kit.

My goal is to allow anyone to build better with opensource. Opensource construction kit allows one to try new ideas without doing all the leg work by themselves.

I also have worked for SOM, Gwathmey-Siegel, Ray Builders, Amazon Web Services and few other boutique construction companies in USA in my past 15 years of my career.  I have started 2 tech businesses and one construction development business also in the last 20 years.