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Construction Logistics.

Construction Logistics.

. 2 min read

Before starting all construction work it is important to follow all safety guidelines from OSHA.

In urban and suburban locations, it is best first to fence off your site to prevent anyone entering the site during construction everyone's' safety.

When a unit or structure is being shipped to the site it is important that trailer truck should not go beyond the designated roadway that may require off roading capability. For off road shipment the unit should be tied to trailer tug controlled by remote control and can handle off road conditions, unless a temporary roadway is made for the trailer truck.

There are many types of trailer tugs out there for different uses such as level up a complete unit when moved on incline.

Construction kit unit comes with built in super structure on top of trailer chassis. All other components & material are shipped in smaller containers; each container contains materials for specific trade that can be assemble in sequence. The containers can be used as temporary sheds to store all material required for assembly during construction.

Construction logistics for a construction kit are:

1. Before shipping please verify if there are no obstructions such as powerlines and trees that need to be protected or removed so that the units are delivered without any obstruction. Please verify clear path to delivery with the towing company first before starting the delivery process.

2. All super structures are completed on a factory floor and shipped by connecting the super structure tongue to the trailer truck 5thwheel hitch. Please note sufficient tongue weight is required to stabilize the trailer frame when towing.

3. The wheel-axle is added directly to the I-Beam frames of the superstructure chassis so that when it is delivered to the site it does not need to be lifted of a flatbed by a crane. The maximum height of a superstructure with wheels that is allowed by federal highway safety is no more than 13 feet 6 inches.

4. Once the superstructure reaches its destination, a remote-control tug is used to move the structure onto a off-road location.

5. The construction kit material can be taken off and placed on site or delivered at each stage for assembly/construction.

6. Before attaching the two units together mark out he the marriage line of the units.

Construction logistics for completed unit are:

1. The unit is shipped by connecting the unit  hitch to tractor trailer truck. Completed units require wide body escort service. The towing company can provide all the transportation logistics.

2. A tug or levelling tug can be used to tow the unit on off-road conditions.

3. Crane can be used if the unit needs to be located on hard-to-reach terrain or platform, however professional rigging plan is required before work can start.


- Module Mobile Home Mover by Cutting System Inc. Model# CS1_115 Platypus & CSI 465_Housetug

- In Factory Lift System by Autoquip

For more details and spec’s please  download files from this link>>