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Frameless windows connect the outdoors to indoors seamlessly

Frameless windows connect the outdoors to indoors seamlessly

. 2 min read

Frameless glass doors and windows connect the outdoors to indoors seamlessly. Hurricane resistant glass is required in many states and are also seismic resistant. Seismic headers (see figure 4) enable to safely transport installed glass on mobile structures. We have proposed the best frameless hurricane resistant glass available in the market which are built by Vitrosca Windows. It is more expensive than standard glass, however, to build a space that seamlessly connects with nature is priceless.

In our plans the sliding windows are placed next to the patio which is facing south to bring in fresh air. The fixed glass panels face north to help deflect cold winds entering the unit from the north.

figure 1.

Frameless design seamlessly connects the interior and exterior space.

figure 2.


North facade: 4 units with panel slidingdoor: left hand panel sliding behind fixed panel on the right (ext. view); interior locking. 9ft width x 8ft height finish opening

South Facade: 1 units with 8-panel slidingdoor w/ 4 operable and 4 fixed panels, interior locking. 52ft width x 8ft height finish opening

How to install a frameless window:

·       Provide fitting of 1 ½” wood blocking to steel  substrates (metal studs).

figure 3
figure 4 (Adjustable Deflection Header)