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Add instant sunroom and patio

Add instant sunroom and patio

. 1 min read

One can build an instant sunroom, patio, or fresh air rooms using Angel Landings system. With easy marriage line connectors one can connect either the patio unit or sunroom unit directly on to an adjacent structure/exiting house/building. Why wait months or year to build a sunroom or patio when builder can deliver one to your front or backyard within few days. Installation is easy because marriage line system allows 4” tolerance gap between buildings. The unit can either be built off-site or on site, and the above ground foundation and pier system is easy to install and do not need extensive groundwork or re-landscaping. The standard floor elevation from the ground can be anywhere from 24” to 36”. Anything higher one would need to get custom foundation and footing design for the site from a licensed structural engineer.

Our system also comes with option to add additional plumbing and mechanical systems if required for amenities such as a gym or spa. With easy access to the plumbing and mechanical system below the unit one can easily modify for their user demand. Electricity can either come from the solar panels on the roof or using shore connection.

See below marriage line detail between existing house structure and angel landings sunroom with patio. Note, this can work also with without the patio unit, where full addition can be added to one’s structure.

Sunroom marriage line details
Add a new sunroom with patio onto side of a house.