Above ground piers and foundation

Above ground piers and foundation

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Placing piers above the ground eliminates deep foundation work and installing concrete footing below frost line.

There are 2 main types of piers we recommend to support the super structure trailer frame.

First is a non-seismic pier that can allow ground clearance of up to 32.5 inches.

Second is seismic piers that have a ground clearance of 32.5 inches.

The system we recommend are easy to install and more sustainable to the environment than placing deep foundations which can affect the eco system below ground level.

Pier system that is easy to install is  Central Piers.

Please download drawings and specs for:

Manufactured Home above ground (36" max )    SPA 30-25F >>

Commercial building above ground    SPA 30-7F >>

Manufactured Home Engineered Tiedown System  ETS 107 >>

Earthquake Resistant Bracing System    ERBS >>

Please verify that the ground capacity is sufficient to meet the engineering requirements of the pier system. Note if the ground capacity is below 175 in. lbs., a professional engineer should be consulted for custom pier base.

Soil Test Value# / Soil Class (in. lbs.) /  Description

  1. / N/A / Sound hard rock.
  2. / 551 +   / Very dense and/or cemented
    sands, coarse gravel, cobbies,
    preloaded silts, clays and coral.
  3. / 351 to 550 / Medium dense coarse sands
    sandy gravels very stiff silts
    and clays.

4a.  / 276 to 350 / Loose to medium dense sands,
firm to stiff clays and silts,
alluvial fill.

4b.  / 175* to 275 / Loose sands, firm clays and
silts, alluvial fill.


- Pier system  by C.P. Seismic Piers

- Footing pads by Oliver Technologies Inc.