Open Source Drawing Set

Open Source Drawing Set

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1st Floor plan.

When building a sustainable unit, the patio should face the south and the fixed glass façade should face the north on northern hemisphere and opposite on southern hemisphere site.

Roof  plan.

When building a sustainable unit, the operatable skylights with fans can open and vent out warm air in the summer. In the winter, the skylights bring in solar heat directly into the interior space.

Trailer level reflected ceiling plan

When building a sustainable unit, the belly of the trailer can store up to two weeks of water supply and waste. Solar power batteries can be scaled for multiple uses. Condition air is cooled or heated naturally under the trailer using ground heat and cooling.

1st floor reflected ceiling plan.

Longitudinal section

When building a sustainable unit, the mechanical and plumbing system can be scaled up and down without breaking the ground.

Cross Section

The unit foundation can sit above the ground as long as it is allowed Where it is allowed by local building code and soil conditions

North Elevation

When building a sustainable unit, the fixed glass opening is used to block cold winds entering from the north.

South Elevation

East Elevation

Much of the plumbing and mechanical system outlets are easily accessible on the east façade.

West Elevation

The trailer tongue hitch is installed on the west face of the building. For permanent installation, the trailer tongue and hitch can be cut off.

Revit 3D Model is availiable for download>>