Movement resistant wall finish.

Movement resistant wall finish.

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Mobile structure require movement resistant wall finishes such as PVC tiles, wood and metal. This solution is also make project more sustainable to since it require less maintenance than a standard construction solution.  

The best finish for bathroom tiles for mobiles structure are PVC tiles. These are easy to install, do not crack and have the look and feel of real tiles.

You can also use wood finish in mobile structure bathrooms. When using wood finish a sufficient ventilation (fan exhaust) is required to prevent moisture build up and mold. Before applying wood finish we recommend applying a layer of tar paper then the natural wood. The natural wood needs to be coated with some type of sealant/urethane on all sides before installing.

Metal Panels can be considered and are least expensive and easy to install on bathroom & kitchen walls.

Other movement resistant options are water-resistant paint applied on high impact resistant gypsum board.


  • PVC tiles by Dumawall

Please download wall construction detail and specs of the PVC tiles: