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Mobile Skybox & Mobile Suites

Mobile Skybox & Mobile Suites

. 2 min read
Deploy on demand
Clean lines and form make it adaptable in any context from classical to modern.
From classical to modern clean lines and form makes it easily blend into the environment
Interior space can be split into four individual rooms that can be use by four individual parties at one time. The unit can be modified for different event activities such as a member lounge, restaurant, locker rooms, community space, TV station and whatever event space you can think off. Tent canopy can be added to the roof terrace.
Easily connect multiple units to make a bigger space, see 4 units combined on plan above.
Roof terrace is possible by adding wood decking on top roof, and the roof canopy are held on the same frame that holds up the guard rails. Solar panel can be easily added and scaled up capacity as needed onto the roof.
Tractor-trailer can easily move the units on paved road since the unit is made on top of a standard trailer frame. Trailer tugs can be used to move unit on off-road conditions.
On a completed unit there is enough water and waste storage tanks that can be used for a five-day event. The storage capacity is scalable because the system is easily accessible from the bottom of the frame and re-configured for more capacity.
For quick install hydraulic piers can be used on land that is 10% or less inclined. Using this method work no foundation or footing work is required except for adding a base plate below each hydraulic pier.