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Fresh Air System. Natural Cooling & heating system using sustainable design solution.

Fresh Air System. Natural Cooling & heating system using sustainable design solution.

. 2 min read

In this environment the best way to make interior space habitable (Covid-19 Free) is allowing fresh air flow thru the interior space naturally. All cool and heating is done my moving the hot and cold air thru the unit naturally from the ground up from exterior crawl space thru the floor then out from the skylight vents.

Studying sustainable design, we can naturally cool or heat the fresh air using crawl space below the units superstructure. The skylight fans can ventilate hot air out of the interior space as needed in the summer to cool the space. And in the winter skylights bring in direct solar heat from the sun to warm up the interior space.

Ideal sustainable way to position the structure is to have the patio face south on the northern hemisphere. This reduces the entry of solar heat into the interior space during the summer months. And the fixed closed glass face to the north to stop cold northern winds entering the interior space during the winter months.

For additional heat in the winter, we recommend using radiant heated floors.

Skirting the crawl space is particularly important to control temperature thru out the year and allow flow of the fresh air constantly. Ideally in the winter months the fresh air should enter and exit the space from the south facing façade, and in the summer months fresh air enters from the north façade.

Since all cooling and heating is exhausted after each use, this keeps the outdoor fresh air level at its highest levels indoors.

The unit air-system can be split up for 4 rooms. Using this split air-system one can control one rooms temperature or all units.

We also included an outdoor patio just in case one prefers to enjoy unconditioned air.

For more details and specs please download the detailed drawing and manufacturer specs for $20 below.

Sustainable way to cool and heat interior space