Fresh Air System. Natural Cooling & heating system using sustainable approach.

Fresh Air System. Natural Cooling & heating system using sustainable approach.

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In this environment the best way to make interior space habitable (Covid-19 Free) is by allowing fresh air to flow thru the interior space naturally. All cooling is done my moving the hot and cold air thru the unit naturally from the exterior ground crawl space first and exhaust thru the skylight vents.

The skylight fans can ventilate hot air out of the interior space as needed naturally cool the interior space in the summer.

In the winter skylights bring in direct sun solar heat to heat up the interior space.

Ideal sustainable way to position the structure is to have the patio face south on the northern hemisphere. This reduces the entry of solar heat into the interior space during the summer months, and the fixed closed glass faces the north to stop cold northern winds entering the interior space during the winter months.

Skirting the crawl space is particularly important to control temperature thru out the year and allow flow of the fresh air constantly. Ideally in the winter months the fresh air should enter and exit the space from the south facing façade, and in the summer months fresh air enters from the north façade.


  • Skylites with built-in ventilation fan by Dometic - Fan-Tastic Vent Fan
  • Fresh air in-flow units by BROAN – Fresh in
  • Flexible insulated ducts by BROAN - Flex-Duct 6 inch – DT6W
  • Radiant Heat Film for Floating floors by Quiet Warmth
Sustainable way to cool and heat interior space

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