Easy Marriage Line Connections

Easy Marriage Line Connections

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Angel Landing approach to marriage line is that anyone who is a builder/DIYer should be able to easily install marriage line. It is part of the design and not unwanted partially hidden line.

The 4-inch gap allows less room for error and less time to align two structure together. Instead of one visible marriage line between two units we have two smaller visible lines to connect the two units together.

Our marriage line can be used for temporary and permanent structures. It can even be modified to attach temporary units to a permanent structure. Angel Landings uses removable systems for closing the marriage line gap, which allows one to easily separate the two units before moving them to the next venue.

Angel Landings marriage line specs includes easy roof flashing system, backer rod that can expand up to 4-inches, and hidden seismic plate to prevent the gap from opening up during extreme seismic conditions. The seismic connection line runs on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and covered with the finished surface.

The key component to having wider tolerance gap is that it is easy to slide a completed mobile structure on and off for delivery.

Angel landings marriage line allows one to easily add as many units as possible easily. On extreme slope conditions the marriage line can be stepped up or down between two units or more.


  • Marriage line 4” Expansion Backer Rod by SOF ROD
  • Marriage line Seismic Metal Plates with expandable bracket by EMSEAL – QuickCover.
  • Connecting EPDM roofing material at marriage line by Firestone – QuickSeam
  • EPDM roofing material by Firestone – Rubber Guard EPDM
  • EPDM insulation by Firestone – ISOGARD
Exterior Wall System with 2 Hour Fire rated sheathing.Roof details: EPDM, Skylite opening, 
EPDM roof plan drawing