Custom Design

Custom Design

We design custom tensile fabric structures for the outdoors. We can custom design build your custom carports, pergola, marques, canopies, awnings, and facades with tensile fabric structures.  

To get started on a custom design please feel free to reach Jag at / 212-673-3689.

Our process is:

  1. Schematic design
  2. Custom details and finishes
  3. Structural analysis
  4. Complete drawing set for take-offs and DOB submission
  5. Pre-fabrication
  6. Delivery and install

See below custom project below:


Hawaiian sunken Pergola

Hidden ADU

Accessory Dwelling Unit 

Hidden ADUs are designed to hide into the backyard landscape. The roof of the ADU is made of tensile structural fabric, which makes the ADU look light and organic. The vertical post that holds up the tensile fabric mimics a tree line.

Hidden ADU
Hidden ADU (left) vs Standard above ground ADU or single story house (right)
The floor level of the ADU is 3ft below landscape
Entry porch (bottom), Bedroom -bathroom (right), living room (center), Kitchen-dining (left)
Landscape terrain modified to hide the Hidden ADU.