Our UN Sustainable development goals:

  • 1600 sqft cost less than $90,000 to build, and 1/3 of cost to build in the developing world. Installation is 56 Ft long x 27 Wide.
  • Use natural heating cooling systems vs traditional air conditioning systems.
  • Designed to not damage the eco system by using above ground foundation/piers. This gives more ground for water to sweep thru.
  • Flexible space and uses.
  • Water and waste management system is built on each unit and do not require major ground connections.
  • Less material and mass are required to build these units then a standard ground up building. This means less heat is dissipated from the units.
  • Easy to start a new community since these structures can be installed in few days.
  • Since the units is an open-air system, fresh air is at abundance.  This means good health.
  • Make living with nature natural.
  • Easy deployment and installation
  • - Greenhouse tensile structure can be used to grow vegetation during winter months.


Winter Heating

  • Tensile structure translucent fabric allows solar heat to enter the open space in the winter.
  • The solar heated air is circulated thru the crawl space so that the heated air can be used in the darker hours.
  • Naturally stored ground heat is also used to heat the unit thru out the day and night.
Winter Heating Naturally 

Summer Cooling.

  • Skylight vents exhaust hot air out.
  • Warm air is cooled/conditioned by circulating air thru crawl space on naturally cooled ground.
Natural Cooling

Sustainable construction.

  • More than ½ of the project is built offsite. Building is shipped by attaching the trailer frames to trucks.
  • No foundation is required, and the building metal pier footing are installed above ground. This does not disturb the ecological environment below the building.
  • The tensile roof can easily be assembled by 2 laborers without out using heavy equipment.
  • Using light tensile structures fabric minimal heat is retained or lost thru out the year.


  • Scalable battery storage area.
  • Partial solar tensile fabric can be used instead of translucent fabric to generate electricity.

Minimal Power required.

  • Most lighting and power switches run on low voltage data line.

Standard power

  • Plumbing pumps
  • Mechanical fans
  • Cooking equipment
  • Refrigeration

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