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Mobile Structures

We sell completed mobile structure and construction kits that can be easily assembled and installed by local builders. The mobile structure can be either installed for temporary or permanent use. Angel Landings Mobile Structure kits reduces the time of design and construction by 78%.

Mobile Skybox & Mobile Suites: Deploy Spectator Space for events such as golf tournaments, motor sports and other seasonal outdoor sports.

Mobile ADUs: Accessory Dwelling Units. Our mobile structure solution makes it easier to install a new dwelling unit in one's backyard. Can be configured from one to 3 bedrooms.

Mobile Hospitalities: Deploy units for community events and clubs.

Mobile Restaurants: Open parking lots and roads can be converted into safe-haven outdoor-indoor restaurant spaces. Mobile structure uses constant inflow of fresh air that is cool and heated with sustainable energy design systems.

Mobile Office: Deploy offices where the employees are instead of coming to a central location. Deploy decentralized office spaces on demand. Our layout is flexible for any office needs.

Mobile Isolation Units: Deploy isolated medical units for patients that have severe disease.

Mobile Shopping: Deploy on demand shopping spaces.

Completed Mobile Structure. Minimal assembly required.
Construction Kits. Super Structure is shipped to site with construction materials. Once the super structure is installed then construction material can be easily assembled on site.