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Construction Specification Divisions of open-source construction kit:

0000 >>  Open-source drawing set of 1st floor plan, roof plan, reflected ceiling plan of 1st floor and under the trailer frame, sections and elevations.  

1000 >>   Construction logistics: Using a building tug/mover one can easily move and place each building/structure on an unfinished surfaces.

2000 >>  Site Preparation for standard installation should have equal or less than 10% slope. For greater than 10% slope custom footings and piers would be needed.

3000 >>   CP Seismic Pier (optional) for permanent or temporary installation. For certain types of soils there are certain anchor requirements.  

5000 >>       Metal work includes a standard trailer frame, welded Super Structure, retractable stair system, railings, and other metal accessories. All structural calculation need to be verified by a local engineer.

6000 >>     When transporting completed modules, one should consider seismic resistant materials applied on interior walls and finishes.

7000 >>  EPDM rubberized roofing system can be easily installed and repaired either on site or off-site.

8000 >>  The unit is designed so that the fixed glass is placed on Northern exposure and sliding glass doors are place on Southern exposure. Interior sliding, folding and hinged doors are design for creating flexible layouts and uses. Please note the Skylights with ventilation fans are under the mechanical systems CS index.

9000        Finishes substrate are designed so that one can easily remove and add new finishes using wall anchors such as z-clips

11000 >>  Galley kitchen system, one can easily add and subtract the kitchen appliances and cabinets as needed for flexible use. Also, the sustainable designed kitchen will not easily warmup when in use.

12000 >>       Window treatment and patio screens.

14000       For mobile structures we recommend hydraulic leveling and stabilization system for instant install. On slopes greater than 5% custom platform are required.

21000       Optional - Fire suppression system on underside of the trailer and patio ceiling.

22000 >> We designed a scalable sewage and water management system that can store water and waste for up to two weeks.

23000 >> Using sustainable design solution one can naturally cool and heat the interior space using solar heat and natural flow of air from ground to open/closed skylights.

26000 >> We have designed the solar power system which can be bought of the shelf for less than $5K. All lighting and controls can be managed using a PoE low voltage ethernet cable system.

27000       LTE Wi-Fi Router for off grid internet connection.

28000 >> Security system. PoE camera system can easily scale up for multiple security needs.

34000       To keep it sustainable, roadway to be made of natural compact stone instead of asphalt that creates environmental water runoffs.

40000 >>      We have designed a flexible budget, estimates, takeoffs and construction schedule for the open-source kit for anyone’s use.

41000        Hydraulic booms for additional support and lifting.

46000       Water, sewage, and power shoreline connections.