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Construction Kit 1

Construction Kit provides framework to start building modular buildings on-site or off Site.

Construction kit approach can help developers save  70% off design to construction time. See chart below of time schedule of ground up construction vs construction kit.

Assembling an Open-Source Kit required no heavy equipment, only ladders and handheld tools for construction. A minimum size of completed habitable space is 1600 sqft. Each unit can scale up in 800 sqft increments.

Structure Framework. This is the Core Open-source Framework

The chasie can transport materials and super structure of the construction kit. We provide drawings and instructions and upto 3 months standard support.

Easy Install Leveling with Hydraulic Legs

Level the framework on up to 10% slope.

Mechanical and Plumbing Riser Diagram
Easy Marriage Line Connections

Easily connect two or more units with 4” tolerance gap.

We give room for customization

Each unit is built with 4 air cooling and heating zones that can be independently controlled for individual uses and flexible layout.

Please contact us >>  to learn more.